Cris Buenaseda, Sensei promoted to 6th Dan

CRIS BUENASEDA, Sensei promoted to 6th degree by Aikikai Hombu in the 2017 Kagami Biraki ceremony took place last 8th of January at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba announce the grading recommendations and held the awarding ceremony for the promotions.

Sensei Cris began his aikido journey in 1979 at Aikido Section of Kishi Judo Dojo under John Havan, Sensei. He earned 1st dan in 1983, his continuous  training  earned him 2nd dan (nidan) in1985 , 3rd dan (sandan) in 1995, 4th dan (yodan) 1997 and 5th dan (godan) in 2010.

A full time Aikido instructor and dedicated in propagating this art not only as a self-defense, but also as a means of developing character of his students.

He became the head instructor of Aikido Philippines in 2008 and will continue to be the organization head sensei.

2017 "Kagami Biraki" Aikikai Hombu Dojo Promotions List